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Terms and Conditions:



1.1 ClimaGuard LLC offers a Limited 12-Month Manufacturing Warranty. You can exchange the TPE if it is damaged due to factory defect. 

1.2 It is in the discretion of ClimaGuard LLC if the damage is subject to warranty or not depending on handling.

1.3 ClimaGuard DOES NOT warranty any item contained inside the TPE during the occurrence of failure.

1.4 TPE cannot prevent large debris collision and punctures from sharp objects with the product and will NOT warranty against it. Before setting up, make sure the ground is free from any sharp objects that may puncture the enclosure/TPE. Replacement is not allowed for such cases (external non-manufacturing factors).  ClimaGuard will not accept damaged product if the damage was intentional (i.e. Scissor cut, knife cut, or anything of the same nature).

1.5 We recommend that the vehicle or equipment be cleaned or wiped before using TPE.  This is to prevent small scratch marks on the paint caused by the microscopic dirt in the vehicle/equipment surface when it comes in contact with the material of the TPE. It is advisable to use a cloth or soft cover on the edges of the vehicle/equipment. ClimaGuard LLC is NOT responsible for any scratch marks on the vehicle/equipment.

1.6 Do NOT use TPE as a regular car cover for normal weather and/or extreme heat.  Do NOT Use For Any Purpose Other Than Its’ INTENDED USE as described by the Manufacturer.

1.7 We recommend to dry the TPE before folding it back into the bag. If TPE is folded while still moist, ClimaGuard shall not be held responsible in any microorganism/organism formation inside the bag.

1.8 TPE is intended for residential floods.  TPE can protect your vehicle during a storm, but in extreme conditions, it may damage the product allowing water to sip in. It is advisable to place ClimaGuard’s TPE and its contents in a safe location. 

At the end of the day, we are committed to delivering not only a water-resistant device, but also a superior solution that you trust!