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"In 2017, I became a victim of Hurricane Harvey when my car was totaled by it. In the aftermath, I saw firsthand the resilience of my neighbors and my city, and the fellowship of my country. The experience inspired me to design a solution to guard against the economic and environmental costs of flooding." -Rahel (Founder & CEO) 

It’s human nature to be caught off guard and worried when flash flood warnings are issued. There is rarely enough time to properly protect our vehicles, homes, and valuable belongings, while also securing the safety of an entire family. The fact is, over 40 million Americans live in flood zone areas, and many of them have experienced devastating losses. In Houston alone, roughly 500,000 vehicles were totaled during Hurricane Harvey, which caused irreparable damage, immobility, and financial hardship for millions of residents.

The National Weather Service reported property losses from non-hurricane related floods would grow to at least $300 billion in the next 30 years within the USA. As regions develop, flood zones shift quickly, increasing the risk for communities. We recognize this void and the people we are impacting. So we designed our first product to safeguard your vehicle and other valuable possessions from flood damage. From hurricanes to seasonal flooding, ClimaGuard will bring you water-resistant protection for the belongings that matter the most. From your family minivan to your family photo collection, you can have peace of mind knowing your priceless possessions are safe.

It is our mission to make solutions that work! ClimaGuard's Temporary Protective Enclosure stems from over a year of testing our product against severe weather conditions. We implemented a uniquely engineered design in collaboration with international manufacturing experts, allowing us to test more ideas and expand upon our already innovative technology. Our high-quality materials have undergone performance testing for various performance metrics, ensuring industry standards are met.

Our vision for the future is to not only help families prevent damage but also give a portion of our profits to families rebuilding their lives after natural disasters. We hope you’ll support us in our movement to restore peace in the lives of those affected by flooding, and those who are at risk. Contact us here to learn more.