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Everything you need to know!

Compact /Small TPE- compact cars, small sports cars, and smart cars up to 176inches (4470mm) in length.

Sedan /Medium TPE - full-sized sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars up to 196inches (4970mm) in length.

Mid-Size /Large TPE- minivans and mid-size SUVs up to 200inches (5060mm) in length.

What is the length of my vehicle?

Step 1: CLICK HERE to locate the exterior length of your vehicle

Step 2: Select the Maker, Year, and Model of your vehicle

Step 3: Scroll down to “Exterior Dimension” section and you will see the LENGTH of your vehicle. If the length of your vehicle is within the length limit for the type of vehicle you own, then your vehicle should fit the TPE you are matching.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not purchase a size larger because you believe it will give more protection. That is not how this cover system is designed to work. Purchasing a size larger than you need will not provide the maximum waterproof coverage.

Note: Always feel free to contact us at Hello@climaguard.co if you're not sure. Please email us the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Please Note: Before setting up, make sure the ground is free from any sharp objects that may puncture the enclosure or TPE. The TPE protects your assets up to 3 feet (36 inches) of “standing” water.

Disclaimer: For long-term storage, be sure to use storage unit size desiccants (for example DampRid) to maintain dryness inside as moisture from the air can condense from outside temperature changes and this will help minimize moisture formation. 

Protecting compact cars, sedans, and mid-sized SUV’s from water damage is not the only use for the TPE. Our TPE provides multi-purpose protection: Home furniture, garage items, or any other water-sensitive valuables. Fill the enclosure so that it reaches it maximum designed height, and the zipper is not near the floor. ClimaGuard’s TPE is not only a multipurpose product, but it is engineered to be reusable.

Yes, you can anchor your car to a grounded sturdy fixture using our Anchor Straps.

Please see directions for the recommended anchoring set up.

Please Note: Before setup, scan your area for two reasonably spaced, sturdy and grounded structures to wrap your straps around [eg. columns, posts, trees, etc.].

-Lay the two straps horizontally on the ground prior to laying the TPE vertically on top.

-Enclose the vehicle in the TPE.

-Pull the two straps upwards through the handle loops as you wrap around the closed TPE.

-The snap hook should ONLY clip to its own strap to complete the loop. Secure using one snap hook per strap. There should be excess length of the strap with another snap hook remaining on opposite sides of the closed TPE.

-Wrap the other ends around grounded and sturdy structures, such as a foundation post, and then latch the second pair of snap hooks onto its own strap.


Before setting up, make sure the ground is free from any sharp objects that may puncture the enclosure or TPE.

To avoid tearing the enclosure, make sure all sides are completely flat to the ground before driving on or off. Please drive on and off the TPE slowly and cautiously.