A Simple Defense
for Natural Disaster

Made with flooding in mind, ClimaGuard is the easiest way to protect
your most valuable possessions during a natural disaster.
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Why we exist

Every year, millions of lives are destroyed by natural disasters, hurricanes, and floods. Vehicles experience irreparable damage, entire homes are torn to pieces, family heirlooms are nowhere to be found, and just like that, hard-working citizens must start from square one. Nearly every part of our country and world is susceptible to flooding. As survivors of Hurricane Harvey, we understand how devastating this can be, and our mission is to reduce the potential damage these disasters can inflict on individuals and their communities.



Made with a military-grade, waterproof, recyclable material, ClimaGuard is the preferred tool of choice for flood protection. Store your ClimaGuard in the trunk of your car, your closet, or your attic with its compact design, and put it in action when necessary using its simple one-person setup.

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tech behind the product


ClimaGuard provides a High-Quality Temporary Protective Enclosure (TPE) for cars and valued possessions using a lightweight, custom polyethylene material.

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convenience in protection


Portable and compact enough to fit in your garage, the trunk of your car, or with other emergency preparedness kits until ready for use. Our one step process is like no other product currently on the market.

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