Peace of Mind in Extreme Weather

When natural disaster threatens your vehicle, possessions and livelihood -- Be prepared to protect your assets. Be ClimaGuard Ready.

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Meet ClimaGuard

Made with a military-grade, waterproof, snow-proof, recyclable material, ClimaGuard is the preferred tool of choice for flood and extreme weather protection. Feel secure with your all-weather protection partner you need every season of the year. We cannot control mother nature, but we can control how well we are prepared.

Multi-Use, State-of-the-Art Protection

ClimaGuard’s resilient Temporary Protective Enclosures (TPE) offers the ultimate extreme weather protection against flood, rain, snow, UV, and dust. And it’s durable, so you can use it again and again.

Compact, Lightweight Storage

Store your ClimaGuard TPE in the trunk of your car, your closet, or your attic with its compact design, and put it in action when necessary using its simple one-person setup.

Tech Behind The Product

ClimaGuard provides a High-Quality Temporary Protective Enclosure (TPE) for cars and valued possessions using a lightweight, custom polyethylene material.


Here’s why many people trust ClimaGuard to safeguard their vehicles, golf cars, home furniture, and any valuables at risk of damage.

  • Waterproof, Weatherproof Storage

    Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions like flooding and extreme heat or cold climates.

  • Single-Person Setup

    Intentionally designed for one person, set-up or removal, use where needed with an easy three-step process. Drive in, cover, and zip.

  • Exterior Guard

    When properly sealed, no debris or water can get past the ClimaGuard TPE, creating a fully enclosed barrier for your possessions.

  • Anchor Security

    Secure your sedan, SUV, or home furniture with heavy-duty handles that lock your large items in place.

How ClimaGuard Works

See how to set up ClimaGuard's Temporary Protective Enclosure (TPE) with quick and easy steps.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"I feel like my most important possessions are now protected. I lost a lot in Harvey. That will now never happen again. I have the flexibility to protect my basics, transportation and possessions."

James B. - Bellaire, Texas
ClimaGuard Best Car Cover - 5 Star Review

"I needed this. I was out of town for work when Harvey hit, and my home and car left in the garage were flooded. I can't say I look forward to using this, but knowing that I have it on hand just in case makes this purchase worth it for me."

Leah Z. - Houston, Texas
ClimaGuard Best Car Cover - 5 Star Review

"I wasn’t sure if this product would fit my full size sedan, but I tried it out when it arrived and I'm very impressed. Not only did it fit, but it was very easy to use. I can also use it for the huge steel bbq pits I have outside that are extremely heavy and not easy to move. Great product and reasonably priced for what you can do with it!"

CJ - Houston, Texas
ClimaGuard Best Car Cover - 5 Star Review

"When my ClimaGuard cover arrived, I was happy with the bag and how it was packed. I decided it would be best put to use for my furniture and big items on the bottom floor of my house after having seen what my mother in law went through when her bottom floor flooded during Hurricane Harvey. I do not look forward to needing to use this product, but I feel better knowing that I have it as an option for next hurricane season since they claim it's reusable."

R.B. - Spring, Texas
ClimaGuard Best Car Cover - 5 Star Review

Why ClimaGuard

Every year, millions of lives are affected by natural disasters, hurricanes, snow storm, and floods. In the blink of an eye, vehicles suffer irreparable damage, entire homes are torn down, invaluable heirlooms are lost, and just like that, hard-working families must start from square one. After personally experiencing loss from Hurricane Harvey, the CEO and Founder of ClimaGuard, Rahel Abraham, truly understood the devastation and trauma. Recognizing that flooding impacts globally, our mission is to help families minimize the potential damage and financial loss from these disasters.