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ClimaGuard TPE vs EVP 360 Flood Bag: A Comparison Guide to Choosing a Complete Car Cover

ClimaGuard TPE vs EVP 360 Flood Bag: A Comparison Guide to Choosing a Complete Car Cover

In a study by Statista Research Department as of February 2021, there are over 276 million vehicles registered in the US. It may look easy at it seems, but getting a car of your own takes a lot of thinking - and it’s more than just getting the right size, or the perfect color that suits your taste. It also comes with bigger responsibilities, especially when it comes to maintenance and proper care. From choosing a brand down to accessorizing, having your own car is no joke, which is why it’s normal to know how you could preserve its life so you can maximize your investment.

Having a car of your own sure could dig a hole in your pockets with the actual purchase alone. But it doesn’t end there. What could even potentially cost you more is the maintenance and proper care that comes with it. And when we talk about maintaining your car in good condition, one of the basic essentials a car owner should have is a car cover that will serve as your primary protective tool against the threat of possible damages.

Your vehicle has specific care needs that you must initially know of. Keeping your car in top condition doesn’t just ensure your own safety, but the safety of your passengers and your fellow drivers as well. Kick start your maintenance regimen with preventive car care that reduces wear and tear of the engine and other components to prevent several vehicle problems at bay.

But what about other unforeseen situations that you couldn’t prepare for in advance, such as the event of a calamity or a natural disaster? Is there a way to ensure that you give the necessary protection for your vehicle?

Car covers serve as somewhat your first barrier against the many threats of natural accidents that could happen at any moment. They’re the best, practical choice of protective tool to safeguard your car from a long list of possible damages. But before you get one for your car, you must know how each car cover is built and how every kind differs from one another in terms of coverage and protection. 

ClimaGuard Temporary Protective Enclosure vs EVP 360 Flood Protection & Storage Bag: A Comparison

EVP 360 Flood Protection & Storage Bag

When it comes to vehicle protection, one of the first brands that come to mind is EVP’s 360 Flood Protection & Storage Bag. It’s made with a polyethylene derivative, designed for preventive flood protection. It’s specifically designed to provide protection from 24-36 inches of rising flood water. You can even choose sizes from extra small, which is enough to cover motorcycles and ATVs, to golf cart standard size that can fit a four-seater golf cart.

When it comes to installation, EVP 360’s Flood Protection & Storage Bag requires the coordination of at least three people, with an average of 10 minutes to spare on setting it up. Once ready, all that’s left to do is to drive it in, and zip it. The EVP sells at a cheaper price than competing brands but it doesn’t come with other necessary accessories such as anchor straps or a portable bag for storage. 

In terms of price point, EVP 360’s Flood Protection & Storage Bag is a more affordable alternative because it’s intended for single use, which would suit someone looking for a disposable car cover. However, it wouldn't be the best choice for those looking for long-term protection since many other external factors such as extreme temperature can shorten its shelf life. And with its single opening design, it requires three sets of hands to install which can be a challenge if alone.

ClimaGuard Temporary Protective Enclosure

ClimaGuard provides a high-quality Temporary Protective Enclosure (TPE) for cars and valued possessions using a lightweight, woven, custom polyethylene material. This durable car cover is made with Military-Grade material, which is designed to provide multi-purpose protection against extreme weather conditions. And because it's recyclable, you don’t just get to protect your cars, but also help the environment at the same time.

One important thing to note about buying a car cover is considering the installation process and ease of storage. ClimaGuard comes with an easy-to-install feature, made specifically for a one-person setup that makes it convenient to use and store. It also comes with anchor straps, a feature that is not normally included in car cover packages in the market. These anchor straps can wrap around nearby grounded fixtures which adds another layer of security.

ClimaGuard’s Temporary Protective Enclosure is deemed to be multi-purpose, considering that it’s built for both indoor and outdoor use. Initially intended for car use, it comes in large sizes that could surely fit other odd sized items at home like your dressers, tables, and other water-sensitive furniture. With that, you can maximize the use of your car covering as it comes in handy for optimal protection in case of a terrible flooding or whenever the need arises. Each size is still portable and easy to store with its compact carrying case that comes with the order. 

Here is the comparison chart:

climaguard vs evp

In conclusion, your car is a costly investment, which makes it essential to ensure its protection at all costs. And by all costs, it means getting a car cover that can last you a long time that's worth its price. The general rule of thumb when it comes to shopping is to make sure you get more than what you paid for. With ClimaGuard’s Temporary Protective Enclosure, you don’t just get quality and convenience of use, but an extended use that no other brand can offer. 

The TPE cost may be higher, but with the value for money you could get for the whole package makes it a wiser purchase investment. So for that optimum protection, choose ClimaGuard’s Temporary Protective Enclosure to ensure a longer lifespan for your vehicle and all your other home valuables.