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Top 7 Must-Have Guidebooks For Disaster Preparedness

Top 7 Must-Have Guidebooks For Disaster Preparedness

The best disaster preparedness guides are the ones that help you put together a plan but also allow you to think about the unique challenges that you might face in your area.

For example, if you live in Florida, where hurricanes are common, and flooding can occur, it makes sense to have a different disaster preparedness plan than someone who lives in an area where earthquakes are more likely.

These books help you think about the worst-case scenario so that you're not left with many regrets and questions when it does happen. These books give you the plan to help you figure out what is essential to pack for an evacuation, what supplies should be kept in your emergency bag, and how to store food for long periods of time without losing its nutritional value.

We have put together some of our favorite books on disaster preparedness:

disaster ready home

  1. The Disaster-Ready Home: A Step-by-Step Emergency Preparedness Manual for Sheltering in Place, $12.59


Sheltering in place is the best way to stay safe during a disaster. But if you are stuck in your home for days, weeks, or even months, how does that impact your health and well-being? The Disaster-Ready Home shows you how to be prepared for anything so you and your family will remain healthy, safe, and comfortable.


Survival expert Creek Stewart’s plan will teach you how to create a disaster-ready home. This includes everything from storing enough food for days or months to heating and cooking on alternative fuel sources.

when the grid goes down
2. When the Grid Goes Down: Disaster Preparations and Survival Gear For Making Your Home Self-Reliant (Practical Survival Series), $12.92


When a disaster strikes, it's not just the first few hours that will determine whether you succeed. It is how prepared you are in advance of a grid-down situation that will determine the viability of your survival plans.


Prepare yourself, your family, and your home for any type of disaster or outage situation. When the Grid Goes Down is a comprehensive guide for family preparedness, covering everything you will need to know about urban survival with the goal of making your home and lifestyle self-sufficient. Survival instructor Tony Nester teaches you to create a self-reliant lifestyle that can help you survive any length of time in the wake of disaster.

The Preppers Survival Bible

3. The Prepper’s Survival Bible: The #1 Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide, $19.71


In a time of crisis, the necessary supplies are not easy to find. Whether you’re prepping to survive an unforeseen event or just want to be prepared for the unexpected, it takes knowledge and practice to be self-sufficient.


The Prepper's Survival Bible gives you step-by-step instructions for building shelters and keeping yourself safe until help arrives, skills on how to prepare for any emergency situation, and tips on how to get your family on board with a long-term plan.


It goes beyond just bug-out bags and emergency kits by showing you how to create strong plans across five key areas: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Crisis Preparedness Handbook

4. Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival, $29.95


Think about the peace of mind you would have if you knew you had a plan in place to keep your family safe during an emergency.


This book gives you everything you need to know about how to create a customized plan and then safely store food, water, fuel, and more. You’ll learn how to protect your home and family, handle communications breakdowns and sanitation issues that can occur during a crisis, as well as design a basic food-storage system that works for your specific needs.

Harvesting Rainwater

5. Harvesting Rainwater for Your Homestead in 9 Days or Less, $19.79


The ability to collect rainwater is one of the most vital skills you can have in case of natural disasters, food and water shortages, or financial crises.


Designed for beginners, the blueprint will show you precisely where to find the required supplies, how to install the correct fittings, and how to connect everything. You only need to collect and store rainwater as needed after your system is set up on your property.

Scientifically Proven Survival Foods

6. 57 Scientifically-Proven Survival Foods to Stockpile: How to Maximize Your Health With Everyday Shelf-Stable Grocery Store Foods, Bulk Foods, And Superfoods, $12.49


Your survival stockpile is one of the most important parts of a solid plan, and definitely one you need to be prepared for. If a disaster strikes and you’re left with nothing but what you can scrounge, how will you survive if your body isn’t properly fueled?


This guide will help you evaluate and build a stockpile of foods that are shelf-stable, nutritious, and easy to prepare. From canned goods and packaged goods to freeze-dried items and beyond, there are many options for families to consider.

Survival Medicine Guide

7. The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster, $12.79


In the face of a disaster or epidemic, the best-equipped person in every family is the one who knows how to administer first aid. Being prepared means more than having a little food and water on hand. It means having the knowledge and materials needed to treat injuries and illnesses until help arrives.


This book is written by two medical professionals, Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, whose decades of experience are put at your fingertips. It leads readers through dozens of different injury and illness scenarios that could happen during a disaster or epidemic and provides specific solutions for how to treat them, especially if a doctor is not around.

Preparing for a natural disaster is a challenging task. After all, they have the capacity to cause millions of dollars in damages and casualties if we are not well-prepared for it. It takes numerous tools and strategies to be prepared for such catastrophes and worse-case scenarios, but having these 7 books in your arsenal will help ensure that you are ready to face any situation head-on.


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