ClimaGuard TPE

Heavy Rain. Flooding. Before a situation escalates, use the water-resistant TPE to protect your vehicle and other assets from water damage. Designed for one person set-up and engineered to weather many storms, ClimaGuard’s TPE is the best preventative solution against flood water damage.

Use Our Sizing Guideline


  • Military-Grade Waterproof, Recyclable Material
  • Easy One-Person Setup
  • Multi-Purpose Protection & Reusable
  • Portable with Compact Carrying Case
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use

Protecting compact cars, sedans, and mid-sized SUV’s from water damage is not the only use for the TPE. Our TPE is designed to protect your home furniture, storage items, or any other water-sensitive valuables. Patent-Pending Design.

Anchor Straps

Don't let your TPE float away! ClimaGuard's Anchor Straps provide added security to your enclosed asset by wrapping around the TPE and to nearby strong, grounded fixtures.

Technical Specifications

  • Packed Weight: 20 Lbs - 30 Lbs
  • TPE Material: Custom, Military-Grade Polyethylene
  • Recommended Shelf-Life: Up to 5 years
  • Can be Anchored: Yes
  • Take Precautions: TPE will float in some air-to-water ratio levels. For example, a vehicle could float in a foot and a half of standing water.  Anchoring your TPE is RECOMMENDED.

Safety Information

Not recommended for dangerously high water levels, fast-flowing water or abrasive surfaces.

WARNING: To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep the enclosure away from babies, children, and animals. Do not use this product other than for its intended purposes. TURN OFF engine before completely sealing a vehicle inside the product. BEWARE of dangerous conditions created by vehicle exhaust emissions. FAILURE to turn off vehicle engine can lead to serious conditions including but not limited to carbon monoxide poisoning and/or death. Please dispose of properly.

Compact /Small TPE- compact cars, small sports cars, and smart cars up to 176inches (4470mm) in length.

Sedan /Medium TPE - full-sized sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars up to 196inches (4970mm) in length.

Mid-Size /Large TPE- minivans and mid-size SUVs up to 200inches (5060mm) in length.

What is the length of my vehicle?

Step 1:
  CLICK HERE to locate the exterior length of your vehicle

Step 2: Select the Maker, Year, and Model of your vehicle

Step 3: Scroll down to “Exterior Dimension” section  and you will see the LENGTH of your vehicle. If the length of your vehicle is within the length limit for the type of vehicle you own, then your vehicle should fit the TPE you are matching.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not purchase a size larger because you believe it will give more protection.  That is not how this cover system is designed to work.  Purchasing a size larger than you need will not provide the maximum waterproof coverage.

Note: Always feel free to contact us at if you're not sure.  Please email us the year, make and model of your vehicle.