Holding out HOPE won't keep you safe, PREPAREDNESS will!

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Hurricane and Flood Facts

Get the basic information you need about hurricane and flood.

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Home and Business Preparation Tips

Points to remember in preparing your home and business from a disaster.

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Pet Safety Tips

Get the guide for your pet safety and include in your disaster plan.

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Emergency Checklists

Secure copies of your emergency checklist both for home and business.


Flooding is a major dilemma during hurricane season. Better plan ahead, prepare, secure your possessions, and get the PEACE OF MIND when disaster strikes.

According to the Rice University study, nearly 20% of flood victims reported post depression and anxiety, and more than 70% of survey respondents said the prospect of future flood events was a source of worry.

The overall disaster recovery is not an easy process and so we need to prepare not just our home and valuables but ourselves--be equipped with the right knowledge  and be resilient enough when these unexpected things happened.